It is a rule of mine:

If a friend/partner/customer/owner/contractor/any relationship involves friction end it up as soon as posible. The world is so abundant that makes no sense lose your time an energy. Move fast and with unattachedment. Ideal things are waiting for you out there.

"More often than not you will realize that certain battles are not worth it in the end. They are a waste of valuable energy and time, which should be high on your scale of values. It is always better to walk away from a circular battle, no matter how deeply you feel personally invested in it. Your energy and your spirit are important considerations. Feeling petty and frustrated can have reverberating consequences for your ability to think strategically and reach your goals. Going through the process delineated above in the Keys will naturally elevate your perspective and put your mind on the strategic plane. And in life as in warfare, strategists will always prevail over tacticians." - The laws of Human Nature. Robert Green.

If you are stuck in a deal with an owner that is problematic... fu**k him.