This week i have waken up between 05:00 and 05:45 5/7 days.

Sleep schedule have been one of my weaknesses for my entire life. I have heard Huberman other experts, we know how important is sleep but being consistent with a sleep routine have been a challenge for me.

I have found that works very well for me wake up at a given hour no matter what. It will force you the next day to go sleep on time because you know the terrible consequences of sleep 4 or 5 hours (avoid the pain). Also I gave my GF 200$ and said to her that if i miss one day this week she can keep it. I have missed two (f**k) but 5/7 is still a good improvement. Now is time to negotiate with double or nothing for the next week. Lets go for a 7/7 week

P.s: as you can see in my face and eyes yesterday was one of this days of very poor sleep. We were outside home and when i woke up there wasn't coffee (f**k) - time to make shit happen.

My thesis is that once you perfectly manage yourself other challenges are much more easy to handle.