How to Raise Capital for Acquisitions with Natu Myers - Top M&A Entrepreneurs

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro to Natu Myers &

00:31 getting serious about raising equity

03:03 What is an accredited investor

06:21 What paperwork do I need before asking for money?

08:21 What you can say in your ads and CANNOT

09:09 How do I verify accredited investors?

10:39 Can you offer an IRR in your ads?

12:03 Starting with Friends Family and Fools

13:38 How do I create an Investor Funnel?

15:22 Where do I spend money on my capital Raise?

18:45 What are investors looking for to understand my investment?

21:25 Do I need to give zoom or live "pitch"?

22:43 Expectations, How many investors do I need to contact?

24:09 Big Check writers or Little checks?

26:43 How can help

29:05 How long does it take to raise capital?

31:55 Is Debt or Equity better for acquisitions?

34:30 Squatting 600 lbs