The economy is about to get a lot worse. And while there have been talks of recession for over one year, it seems that the coronavirus pandemic has delivered our next economic downturn just ahead of schedule!

With so many people laid off from work and companies cutting back on expenses- how can small business owners not only survive but also leverage this coming disaster?

Here's a few things you should start doing right away in order to win during an economic downswing:

Work towards thriving not just surviving

The time to get emotional about the economy is after you've won some major battles. Now that fear has set in, your best bet for victory will be playing offense and making moves before it's too late!

Fright can have no place when trying hard enough at survival; instead play defense by preparing yourself with smart choices like which projects need funding most urgently or if there are people who want their services despite an uncertain economic climate-whatever may help move forward towards success during these tough times ahead.

Reposition your brand

The key to your company's survival during a time of economic hardship is not one-size fits all. However, there are some general tips that can help you move in the right direction and make sure it doesn't happen too late!

In order for people who find themselves struggling with money not to be left at rock bottom due their lack thereof when things get tight financially; they need an income source or two: something where we don’t have to do without immediately but rather save up so if everything else goes south – this still works.

Have a real-time pulse on your finances

The time to prepare for an economic crisis is now. Make sure you know your numbers and start setting aside money in case businesses close down or sell their inventory at an affordable price during the recession, which will happen when it does most likely because advertising costs plummet during these types of situations!

When the Recession hits full force, you will want to be able to move quickly. Make sure that your numbers are in order and ready for anything by building up emergency reserves of money so if businesses close down or sell their inventory at sub-par prices -you can take advantage!

Have selective and only necessary people on the staff

Hiring during a recession is not ideal, but it's better than the alternative. It ensures that you will have qualified people available to work with when your company needs them most- so make sure they're on their way! It just takes some time and effort to find them during a recession, but by being prepared for when the job market improves you will be able to set yourself up as an employer who can offer competitive salaries while still keeping your company's workforce diverse.

On top of that- if this hiring crisis has taught us anything it's how important it really isn't only having enough workers on hand; rather finding potential new employees through all available channels!

Reverberate your sales strategy and increase your sales

We all know what happens when the market crashes, but if you're one of those rare few who decide to stay in their investments - or even play harder and smarter than ever before- then I have some good news for ya! It's time that we start investing like our savings depend on it because they just might.

Pushing hard against financial problems can oftentimes lead us down an unhappy path with low confidence levels so instead let me tell everyone out there how easy selling is going to be once this dip gets here which will most likely happen sooner rather than later!