I am in the process of hiring interns. I know that interns should have most of all non-financial motivation to work, however this time I wonder how to financially motivate them.
At the beginning I would like to point out two things: (1) in the country (Poland) where I conduct search, there is no need to pay interns, (2) the city (Warsaw) in which I plan to employ interns is highly competitive when it comes to employing smart young people from the area of ​​finance.
Given the above, I am considering introducing additional financial incentives for interns. Initially, I was thinking about introducing a one-time large bonus for the entire team of interns after closing the transaction. However, given the rather distant point in time of internship and transaction and the lack of periodic reinforcement, I abandoned this idea. Currently, given the greatest involvement of interns in the pre-LOI process, I am considering a smaller bonus for each signed term-sheet for the intern who identified the entity with whom I will sign this document. In my opinion, this will make inters see a real financial benefit in a perspective of no more than a few months.

If you have any experience or observations in this area I will be grateful for your comment on that topic.

Best Michael