I have a great deal (see below), but I am having a hard time getting the cash flow to cover debt services because the business is very asset heavy. How would you suggest I try to structure the deal?

Asking price - $26.6M
EBITDA - $4.8M

Breakdown of asking price:
- $7.0M business value including assets (1.46x multiple), includes a rental fleet at a depreciated value of $12.6M.

  • $13.2M New stock.
  • $2.4M Used stock.
    - $4M Parts and accessories.
    Other details:
    - Business operating 27 years.
    - Steady sales with growth of approx 10% every year for the past 10 years.
    - Business owns 60% of the market, with only 2 other competitors.
    - Business owner will to stay on for 12 months.