I've started building a pipeline of companies to cold-call/cold-email and realized quickly how difficult it is to confirm that a person is truly the owner of a company. E..g. maybe the closest I can find by google sleuthing is the "president" - this could be the owner, but not guaranteed. Or, I found a company where LinkedIn lists an individual as "VP of Engineering" .... but they've been around since###-###-#### the year the company was founded) and a scraping site site lists them as President.

In such cases do you:
a) just assume you are emailing the owner and assume they'll ignore if not
b) start off by asking "are you the right person to talk to? if not, who is?" (could be awkward if they aren't the right person?)
c) dig deeper than I've been able to dig to get the right person's info

Related: if you can only find a public contact phone # or email address that likely goes to customer service or sales... do you just ask "can I be connected to the owner?"