In this video, Krystof Bartos, guides you through his story of buying a small (SMB) in the USA while still living in the Czech Republic. With his extensive experience in finance, Krystof makes the complex process of acquiring an SMB, with a US partner, in the USA more approachable and manageable for international buyers, setting them on the path to more acquisitions.


00:00 Intro to Krystof from and still living in the Czech Republic

02:00 Krystof's Call to Adventure

04:27 Coaches he worked with Jeremy Harbour and Carl Allen

05:04 His financial experience

06:01 Why did he focus on the financial part

08:00 Consulting for Equity story

10:53 How to realize gains in a Consulting for Equity Gig

16:42 Finding his partner & doing deals

23:20 Distressed or profitable company

24:45 What was Motive for selling?

27:26 How to trust a brand new business partner

30:13 How much does each partner own of acquisition

33:21 Talking to SBA banks to get real yes/no - getting deals not done fast

35:55 Seller stayed on & part of the family

37:17 Did you make any big changes to company after close?

40:25 Copy writing and AI

44:21 Andrew Longcore, Attorney saved the deal

45:21 Why he likes Tony Robbins

46:53 Keith Cunningham too