How to Buy a Business with No Money Down - You have a choice of two Doors: Door #1 which is a distressed unprofitable business or Door #2 which is a profitable business and three new doors on that one.

Door 1 - Distressed Business

Not Profitable

Fixer Upper

Time wasting money sucking garbage

These types of businesses pose a complex set of challenges:

• Can you turn the business around?

• Do you have the skills & experience to turn it around?

• Do you understand why its not profitable?

• Do you have the money to turn it around?

• Do you have the time and emotional IQ to turn it around?

Door###-###-#### Profitable Business and leads you to 3 More doors

➼ Door 3 – Skill (Sweat Equity) / Network

➼ Door 4 - OPM Other People’s Money

➼ Door 5 – Desperate Motivation

Door 3 – Skill (Sweat Equity) / Network

Skills –Brains – Resources

Can your marketing company 10X sales, double ebidta?

Celebrity / Authority – Your Network

Can you bring 100 Million followers to their landing page?

Door 4 - OPM Other People’s Money


Raising Capital

Short term, intermediate, long term

Family, Friends, Banks, FO, PE, and Seller Financing

Door 5 – Desperate Motivation

You need to find business owners who really want or need to get out; perhaps even desperate to get out.

Close to retirement age or is considering retirement because of health issues

Owner has passed away or a partnership where one partner wants to leave.

Can buying a business with no money?

The short answer is yes, but it is very difficult and unlikely.

Business owners, even distressed or retiring ones, are going to want some money for the value of their businesses.

With the right combination of personal and professional skills, perseverance and patience, it is possible to buy a business with no money down.