New to the community and search... I'm trying to wrap my head around rising interest rates and if this presents an opportunity or a challenge for searchers... For example I suspect most SBA loans are variable therefore is it safe to assume businesses selling factor in current rates (lower valuations to offset high interest), or that isn't a factor? If that is the case and we see rates eventually come down does that present a benefit on the backend where you purchased a business valued at today's rate but would have been valued higher with lower rates? This would be glass half full.

If we look at home buying in comparison my understanding is buyers are no longer able to overpay, and sellers are unwilling to lower their prices so its a standstill. This would be a glass half empty logic.

If this is not the way to think about it, please help me understand appropriate logic - If it's as simple as long as your SDE meet's your financial requirements, who cares, I'm ok with that logic as well.