Don't let this happen to you: “Thanks Ted. Just replying to your email to take you out of my spam folder. Also, I can't find the link to join the meeting.”

Gmail is hurting people searching for businesses to buy. You may not have received my email with this link to my July 28 Zoom event (Q&A - Let’s Demystify Pre-LOI Due Diligence):

Lots of searchers tell me that owners, to whom they’re sending an email, especially from their Gmail account, say their email was not seen. It’s not surprising, to me, because most people don’t check their spam folder; there’s simply too much junk in it.

Don’t expect people you want to influence to get your email sent by Gmail. Gmail is notorious for putting into your target’s spam folder Gmail you send if it contains certain kinds of text and formatting, on the subject line or in the body of your Gmail.

This is why it’s important that searchers not use a Gmail account, and that they add as a contact in their Gmail account anyone they hope to hear from.

Fixing this is one of the most important things I do for new clients. At the minimum, now is a good time for you to fix your Gmail and whitelist senders in your other email account.

Please whitelist my email address: /> You use Gmail? Add me as a contact.