Hey Everyone!

I'm about to close on my first business. I have a lender commitment letter and all the various appraisals are in, etc. It's a manufacturing/steel plant. I had forensic accounting do DD and an SDE analysis and I should be bringing in about $500k post debt service.

In the larger picture, my plan is buy and roll up end to end manufacturing for the aerospace and defense sector (that I'm familiar with). So I will need to now look at a couple machine shops, and some electronics design and production, in differing LLC's under one C corp umbrella. I have the necessary veteran designators, facility clearance eligibility, and the experience.

I have some partners who are willing to use their SBA eligibility, but I'm also considering raising about $5M in funds (probably debt vs equity) to make the next 2-3 purchases go a bit quicker.

If I already have one purchase under my belt, how much more easy (or difficult) will that make fundraising for me?