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This thriving company offers the best of both worlds by providing both custom product manufacturing and sourcing of non-plant produced products to meet the needs of both residential and commercial building projects. Its diverse revenue streams contribute significantly to its bottom line, making it a leader in its business segment. With advanced technology and operations, the company delivers high-quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations. The company has experienced consecutive record years for the past 5 years in both revenue and most importantly profitability, with the current year profits up 14.1% in the first 4 months of###-###-#### In 2022, the company had an EBITDA of $1.4 million on $11 million of revenue. The founders/owners have established a strong reputation for producing high-quality products, and the company's advanced operations and quality team ensure that every project is delivered on time and to the highest standards. Their expertise in creating customized products per customer requests sets them apart from their competitors, and this skill has driven customers to their door from all over the country. The company is considered one of the most technologically advanced businesses in its segment and is at the forefront of technology. With a well-established client base that includes both high-end residential and commercial construction companies, the company enjoys a loyal following and a solid reputation in Northwest Michigan and beyond. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, this business managed to grow sales significantly, a testament to their resilience and adaptability. As people have moved out of larger cities since the beginning of the pandemic, the company has continued to profit from a surge in the high-end residential market in Northwest Michigan, drawing clients from all over the country. The company's client base includes both high-end residential and commercial construction companies. The company's stable of contractor customers is very optimistic about the future growth in their luxury sectors and sees a very positive future for their businesses. For more than 45 years, the company has enjoyed consistent revenue, even during slow economic periods. Further, most clients at the high level make their commitments for projects well into future years. In addition, the company's headquarters, which house their manufacturing operations and a majority of their warehousing functions, are supported by strategically located showrooms. In summary, this company is a rare gem, offering a unique blend of custom manufacturing and sourcing of non-plant produced products that cater to the needs of both residential and commercial building projects. With a reputation for delivering high-quality products and a proven track record of consecutive record years, this business is poised for further growth and expansion. The company's exceptional team, advanced operations, and focus on customer satisfaction make it a leader in its industry. The identified growth opportunities, coupled with the company's reputation and solid financial performance, make this an exceptional opportunity for the next owner to take this business to new heights. Don't miss out on this chance to acquire a thriving business with a long-standing reputation for excellence.

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