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Looking for a buyer! High Traffic Website in Business for 20+ Years - Crossword Solvers, Online Games & Puzzles & More - All Organic Traffic - Monetized via Programmatic Display Ads on 17+ Networks - Up to 78M Pageviews, 19M Monthly Sessions & 5M Unique's presents a 2-decade old website that generates a massive amount of organic traffic to its daily crossword solvers, word games cheats, and a number of playable online word games, resulting in more than 78 million monthly page views from their phenomenal, highly educated audience. And these website users like what they see and come back time and time again, resulting in a 75% retention rate for the site. The result? A super sticky website that generates a massive amount of organic traffic with a very high average page view count … all without spending a dime on advertising. This is a unique opportunity in so many ways, but despite the massive success they have achieved over 2 decades in operation, there still remains a number of immediate scale opportunities available to a buyer. For many of the millions of viewers that are attracted to the site every year, they are looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage in solving a number of puzzles and games, such as Scrabble, Boggler and the New York Times Daily Crossword. With more than 20 years of experience, this site has soared as the popularity of word games has increased. With such a massive following, the company is able to generate consistent ad revenue through onsite Display Ads and Direct Advertising Sales from those businesses eager to connect with this valuable user base. Their visitors, in fact, have played more than 30 million Boggler games and solved 10 million crossword puzzles – the kind of numbers that get advertisers excited and eager to connect since they tend to be highly educated, and thus, usually have more disposable income. This brand has done so well attracting people looking for Word Tools and tips for solving games and puzzles that they have no marketing budget at play. As they built up their audience over the past two decades, this brand has been able to rely on organic traffic to attract new users. It’s working, since this brand now gets an impressive 5.5 million unique monthly visitors, which is exactly what their display advertisers want. Scale opportunities for this business include expanding their marketing techniques to employ proven tactics that bring new users, launching new monetization strategies and building a mobile app version of the site – something long overdue. This website is a great illustration of just how popular the puzzles market is. As electronic games have become in demand and manufacturers now focus on new and intriguing educational games, the puzzles market is projected to grow to $47 billion by 2027. For this company, a key tool to their growth has been to offer word game solvers tools to continue to bring back and attract visitors, and they’ve experienced no trouble finding people eager to find ways of winning their next game. Their site is ideal for Display Ads. Launched in 1999, the site was originally developed by the owner who was struggling to figure out cryptograms. Quickly connecting with many others who shared similar interests, the site grew incrementally by adding new games, puzzles and solver tools through the years. As their audience expanded by leaps and bounds, a clear opportunity opened up to monetize the site. Suddenly, what began as a hobby grew into something much bigger. Today, nearly 100% of their ad revenue comes from programmatic display ads; they also sell some advertising as well, and this piece of the business (ad sales) should be more fully developed by new ownership. The steady advertising stream has been strong enough for this hobby-turned-profitable business to bring on several employees, including a developer, nine content creators (including one who is full-time), a content manager, and an ad salesperson. This experienced team handles daily tasks so that the current owner needs to spend no more than 20 hours per week on the business, often focusing on working with ad partners, monitoring site traffic, and writing and maintaining software. The company has strong growth tools at its disposal. After 23 years, the brand has an email database of 300,000+ subscribers to provide to the new buyer, and they have excellent customer demographics. That includes an older and more affluent audience, with a close mix of both women and men, and their puzzle-solving players tend to have above-average education levels, exactly the kind of audience their advertisers want to reach. The company also has a terrific 75% Repeat Customer Rate among users who continue returning to their site to find new games to enjoy, which is helping to keep their display advertisers happy as well. Organic Traffic Base. Since their web traffic has been entirely organic to date, this brand could clearly keep things status quo and continue to ride that waive of free traffic. However, if scale is important, this could be rapidly done by introducing paid media to the mix. That includes a social media marketing campaign, creating an email marketing newsletter for their many subscribers, begin to buy ads from Google, Bing and Others, establishing an SEO program for their website that would include a blog to generate more organic traffic and opening up traffic for affiliates. The brand could also focus on creating new strategies to monetize the site. One would be to create a Mobile App version of the site that has new opportunities for advertising built in and in-app purchase, and another is to expand the number of games they offer to attract newcomers on both the web and mobile versions of a site. They could also create a new subscription model offering special deals to those who subscribe. The company has enjoyed some success with direct ad sales and could bring on a new sales team to boost those efforts as well. There is an enormous amount of revenue yet to be generated from display advertising. In 2021, revenues from display ads jumped by a whopping 29% over 2020, totaling $56.7 billion. Advertisers are eagerly looking for online sites that attract millions of viewers. That’s exactly what this site has done as they creatively tap into the public’s passion for word games. This brand truly has a vibrant future ahead thanks to the public’s love for complex crosswords and other stimulating games. Contact Michael Adams today so they can provide additional details. Asking Price $22,000,000 Cash Flow: $4,833,153 Gross Income: $5,547,829 Year Established: 1999 Employees: 12

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