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The specialty of this Company is helping healthcare providers operate at peak financial and staffing efficiency and maximize profitability. Nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities, be they niche rural or nationwide operations benefit from the expertise and insights of these long-standing experts. For more than three decades, the focus has been on revenue growth and staffing consistency - two areas that are historically problematic and can make or break an organization. Even pre Covid. Services include consulting, speaking, end-user outreach, and executive coaching. Group consulting is the most profitable. Consultants present results-oriented programs for associations, at company meetings, strategic retreats, or through workshops of varied sizes. In most cases, this starts with upper management but extends through human resources and nursing professionals. Consultants have also been asked (and paid) to be keynote speakers at industry events. The goals of consulting efforts are to stabilize staffing and or grow revenue. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Facilities: The Company has had a small office space in the Midwest since###-###-#### However, the staff is fully remote. Competition: There are many general healthcare consultants and consulting firms. However, due to the size of the industry and its systemic issues, the marketplace is wide open for those who are qualified and potentially capable of making a difference. Growth & Expansion: The number one suggestion to ensure the success of long-range goals and increased profitability would be to invest in digitalizing the existing library of products. Additionally, the organization’s top-line revenue could be grown by a more robust marketing process and by adding additional coaches as needed. Financing: None Support & Training: Sellers are willing to stay on in their current roles or as advisors and consultants as negotiated. Ensuring a smooth transition if of the highest priority. Reason for Selling: Sellers want to see operations taken to the next level.

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