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Beanstalk Capital Partners is a lower-middle-market-focused independent sponsor focused on acquiring, enhancing and growing vertical Software-as-a-Service firms. The target, which publishes and licenses mission-critical software for end-to-end project management of commercial door installation businesses, is an ideal fit with our focus on small vertical SaaS acquisitions with significant growth potential. With a minimally churning, solid customer base, the target has been establishing a network and expertise in its field for over 25 years. The recent introduction of cloud-based service and a substantial user experience overhaul are already showing dramatic increases in per-customer revenue, and minimal tech investment would be necessary to begin serving additional adjacent markets such as overhead door and window installation professionals. Reasons to Invest: 1. Attractive Market Opportunity -Less than half of small/mid-sized door installers (~3k TAM) are using a vertical software solution, providing enormous headroom for growth -Only 3 direct competitors similar in size to Gateway, and 1 ERP provider that includes similar functionality as an ancillary offering -Industry is going through a generational transition providing a tailwind to digital transformation 2. Robust Existing Business -Minimal team turnover expected, with many 20+ year industry veterans - Less than 3% churn###-###-#### ) -Strong EBITDA margin growth on clear path to 50%+ 3. Highly Compatible with Beanstalk Playbook -Modern marketing and sales techniques are not widely used in the industry, including basic strategies like email sequencing and direct mail marketing -Beanstalk will provide significant value through further modernization of technology stack, product and marketing strategy, providing the strategy and execution to further lead existing TAM and begin to grow into new ones Please contact for more information.

Atlanta, GA, USA
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