Seeking capital.
The Jean-Baptiste Group, LLC is an independent sponsor seeking to acquire, enhance, and grow stable businesses in basic industries in the lower middle market. The target is a strategic consulting firm with 25%+ EBITDA margins. They provide bespoke, highly impactful human capital planning, organizational effectiveness, technology, analytics and learning solutions​. The company has provided unique human capital solutions to government agencies since 1991 and has served more than 11 agencies in the federal government for 30+ years. The firm is comprised of ~100 expert consultants who maintain strong relationships with the agencies they serve.  The company expects sales/EBITDA of $35MM/~$8.8MM in 2022 with $80MM in backlog and $225MM in pipeline.​ The Jean-Baptiste Group is seeking to raise $10MM in Preferred Equity to support the acquisition. For more information, please contact

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Virginia, USA
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