Seeking capital.
I am working with a business partner to roll up my existing woodworking shop with another larger shop. The combined adjusted EBITDA will be over $1M. We are just in the early stages of structuring the deal, but would like to speak with interested equity partners early in the process. It is likely that we do not need outside equity to make this deal happen, as we have equity in the existing business and my business partner is bringing capital to the table as well as operational experience. That said, we would welcome the right capital providers who can both help to reduce the cost of capital and also to provide strategic support as needed and help avoid pitfalls in the structure of this deal. In all we expect to have up to a maximum of $250k open for equity financing. The total deal value including the refinancing of existing debt is going to be approx. $3.8M. This price includes a 50,000 sf factory and 4.5 acres of undeveloped light industrial land in MA currently valued at $800k, PG will be held by myself and my biz operating partner. These businesses have had steady business throughout covid, have a strong resistance to recession due to their customer mix and specialties, and there is significant unused capacity. Please DM me or email to if you have any interest. As we are just in the early stages of this, we do not yet have a deck or investor material, but this should be ready by the end of the month.

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