My supplier of 5 years (which owns a portfolio of patents) is in distress.

They float on a large US exchange that I will not mention. They have hardware patents which work for Macbooks, PC Laptops, Android, Smart TVs and cars. They abandoned new production because of internal financial mismanagement.

This product has received rave reviews in the Wall Street Journal, CNET, Time, et al It was sold through Best Buy, Dell, Amazon, Virgin Superstore and all the big retailers.

About 5 yrs ago I bought their remaining inventory but Dell was also offering to buy it.

The TAM for NEW products using this patent is in the hundreds of millions.
Historical gross margins were around 44-50%. - I believe it could be >70% if made at a better factory in large quantities.

Current Market Cap is around $20M-$25M (Fallen from $100+M in the last 24 months)
Approx $1.3m (NOL)
18 months of runway
20+ year old company

I have spoken with the main activist investor a few years ago... (he was extremely upset) he got diluted in their PIPE deal
The rest of the shareholders are also upset.

I believe they are overstaffed and can be made more efficient.
They have patents which could be making tens of millions per year.
(I am speaking with a retired former director from the company about some of the details).

My UHNWI mentor suggested trying to acquire 51% of the voting shares, taking it private, "trim the fat", "stop the bleeding" and make the new products with the patents > Merge it into a larger tech company or do a Reverse Merger.

Worst case scenario, sell off the assets to the other big tech companies. It may be worth more "dead than alive". I was told...

Before going too deep into D.D., does anyone have experience or suggestions?

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