Hi All,

I have been evaluating which industries to focus on for the search (ideally $2-5M EBITDA in size), and while there are quite a few industries that are traditionally more favored by both searchers and investors, I keep thinking about whether to keep CPG in the search results. On the one hand, I have ~8 years of work experience in the industry, in the snacks / food space. However, on the other hand, it is rare to come across this industry being mentioned in the ETA space at all, both from the searcher and investor perspective.

Therefore, I just wanted to reach out to you all and inquire if anyone here has acquired a CPG business or has invested in an acquisition in this space? If so, I would really appreciate a chance to chat with you to understand the space from the ETA perspective a bit better. If you know of any investors in this space as well, please let me know as well, I'd really appreciate it!