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Summary With owner profit margins now over 30%, this wood manufacturer and carpentry business focuses on custom handcrafted cabinetry. With fine craftsmanship, they design and install remarkable kitchen, office, closet, and commercial fixtures. Shipping nationwide, products include cabinets, countertops, shipping containers and associated hardware. Their high reputation and fully customized products have given them a strong market command as their process and attention to detail sets them apart from the pre-manufactured product providers. Their experienced team of six nonunion employees have cross-training in most positions and their streamlined processes make an expeditive turnaround time for their clients. The team members are likely to continue operations after the acquisition and the involved owner offers support and contact acclimation for a smooth transitioning. Situated in Central Illinois, the property is leased from ownership and available for purchase. With ample parking the warehouse facility measures 24,000 square feet. Currently, 14,000 sq ft is being used for this business with storage, production, retail, and office spaces. The other 10,000 sq ft is being leased out for rental income.

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Illinois, USA
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