We're making a general call out to the search fund community to help us with crowdsourcing data on search funds, especially for 2019 and the first half[redacted]Please check your search fund's information for accuracy and update it as needed. If you're aware of someone else's new search fund or an acquisition that's not listed, please direct message me through Searchfunder.

In our last Half Yearly Report, we predicted that the number of search fund acquisitions in 2019 would be very similar to the number of acquisitions in[redacted]Our updated data indicates that our prediction was right on point, as the difference in search fund acquisitions between 2019 and 2018 was just three. The first half numbers for 2020 search fund acquisitions, however, are significantly lower than from previous years. We can reasonably assume that this decrease is largely due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and you can read more about its effects on search fund formations in our Half Yearly Report: Search Fund Formations. We expect the number of search fund acquisitions in the second half of 2020 to be higher than the number in the first half, but it seems improbable that the total number of search fund acquisitions in 2020 will reach the same number as[redacted]We'll keep you posted as the data rolls in.

* acquisition data collected as of[redacted]; subject to change.