Hi, everyone - We're making a general call out to the search fund community to help us with crowdsourcing data on search funds, especially for 2018 and the first half of[redacted]The charts provide the information we have so far for acquisitions. Please check the profile of your search fund for its accuracy and update it as needed. If you're aware of someone else's new search fund or an acquisition that's not listed, please direct message me through Searchfunder.

For our last report six months ago, it appeared that the number of acquisitions might have leveled off in[redacted]We can now say that acquisitions rose. As you may be curious about 2019, we've provided a comparison chart for the first half of the year. As there is a lag between a deal closing and when it's reported to Searchfunder, we believe that acquisitions for the full year of 2019 are likely on pace with last year's. We'll keep you posted as the data rolls in.

We hope to provide more data based on search type, but that will be for future reports.

* acquisition data collected as of[redacted]; subject to change.