I have been meaning to post for about 5 months, but my to-do list never seemed to let me. In December of 2021 I acquired Management Science & Innovation (MSI) after an 18-Month self-funded search. I am thoroughly enjoying my new role operating! The company is a boutique strategy and automation consulting firm with a history of both government and commercial clients.

A few quick takeaways from the search process:

        1. Truly understand the differences between a self-funded and traditional search (and other models) before you start. Have a good reason and the logistical ability to execute your choice. Both methods are great options, but both carry their own risks/rewards. Make sure if you have a spouse or partner that they understand what is coming because the search will cause life disruption.

        2. If you are like I was and have never run an acquisition and are not traditionally searching - get smart advisors who are personally (and financially) invested in your success.

        3. Have a defined prospecting process, scoped qualifying criteria, and a good story that creates credibility, value, and differentiation with the seller. It is a sales job. You are selling yourself and competing in an M&A marketplace that will often leave you outbid - understand how you will make up the difference in value.

        4. If you are using lender financing, make sure you choose a good banking partner and have a strong grasp of the lending process.

Nothing groundbreaking, but these were areas I believe would have led to failure if I had punted them.

I want to give shout outs and thanks to key partners:

        1. DL Capital Partners – (Adam Lev and Eli Drucker) If you are self-funding and looking for advisement, I highly recommend you reach out! They are great lead investors and partners, both pre and post acquisition.

        2. First Bank of The Lake (

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Congrats on the acquisition! Hope it's still going strong. Thanks for sharing
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searcher from University of Rousse
thanks for sharing
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