Hi, everyone,

Firstly; my Apologizes if this is a re-post. I tried to post this before, but there seemed to be some kind of error.

I've chatted with others on here about roll-ups. Giving guidance and advice whenever I could. Happy to finally post about my own roll-up venture proper here!

I've founded founded Trainbia; an acquisition firm focused on acquiring gyms and using in-house connected fitness devices to enhance gym member results, increase key staff productivity, and increase gym revenue.

The management team collectively has over 40 years of gym management and tech startup experience, and the board of directors is chaired by the ex-vice chairman of Arctic Glacier, Henry D. Wolfe., who is one of the top roll-up, corporate governance, and activist investors in the US

Achievements thus far: • Created a target database of over 1,000 gyms. • Acquisition process created with a target closing date of 30 days from letter of intent. • All planned technology has specifications, blueprints, etc. created and ready to create a prototype. • Partnerships established with software and hardware firms to aid with rapid prototyping • Recruited advisory board has over 80 years of extensive M&A, gym management, and fitness equipment development experience.
Gym EBITDA multiples are around 2-4x, and we expect a valuation of about 10x when we exit, thus creating the possibility of substantial arbitrage. We are laser focused on creating shareholder value and wealth, and fully intend to be the premier gym buyer and consolidation firm in the industry.

We're raising up to $2.5 million for our initial acquisition and complete development of our first connected fitness device and software platform.

Pitch deck, financial model, blueprints, and any other documents desired available upon request.

If any investor on here is interested feel free to either message me here on Searchfunder or e-mail me at --@----.com

Best regards, Frankie D. Cruz