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Located in Illinois, the Company is a certified engineering firm performing engineering consulting and construction management services for the public sector. Since inception, the Company has cultivated high-quality relationships by providing exceptional customer service and the ability to adhere to its customers’ needs. The Company holds a significant project backlog and the ability to continue on its recent growth trajectory, having scaled revenue 275% since 2018. The biggest strengths of the Company include its extensive experience in the industry, long-term customer relationships, and effective process management by hiring highly qualified individuals to complete projects in a timely manner. In addition, the Company’s breadth of capabilities provides it with the autonomy to serve a wide range of customers in different industries. Ownership is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the Business along with the engineering manager and the head of business development. Ownership is seeking to divest the Business to pursue retirement. The Company’s office is leased from an unrelated third-party with the Company largely operating remotely except for in-person staff and customer meetings on an as needed basis. Thank you for reading this overview. The extent of the information that we are publicly permitted to reveal about this opportunity is contained in this overview. Please submit your contact information in the provided form. We have automated the processing of NDAs and sending of information for speed and efficiency. You will be sent a link to our online NDA. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE NDA LINK, PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL. If the email cannot be found, please email --@----.com Once we receive your NDA and answers to some basic questions, the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) will be sent to you by the project manager. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A FOLLOW-UP EMAIL AFTER YOU SUBMIT YOUR NDA, PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL FIRST. If you do not see the email there, please email --@----.com for support. Thank you in advance!

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Illinois, USA
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