Hi all! I've been spending the last few weeks deep in the data-source-vetting weeds. I found a product Grata that is new to the space and seems to have good data quality. I think they would be most optimal for folks who are running non-geographically restricted searches and/or only finding companies that every PE firm has already reached out to. They have searcher-specific pricing options + dedicated support for searchers as well.

I went to look for Grata in the archives here and no one had posted anything, so figured I'd post here in case anyone else would find it useful.

A blurb from them: Grata is a search engine layer on top of a company database that enables searchers to identify acquisition targets in a highly thematic way. With a focus on small and medium businesses, Grata will help you find the hard to find companies that don't surface in traditional data sources. Example of a search you could run: family owned commercial HVAC service companies in the mid-atlantic region.

If you're interested in a demo feel free to reach out to --@----.com to learn more!