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Founded in 2016, Project SEO is a leading online SEO agency that provides marketing services to SMEs across the USA, with a particular focus on clients in the startup industry. They develop custom strategies to help clients to boost their search ranking, leading to more leads and more revenue. They boast an attractive 22% EBITDA margin (adjusted for owner salaries and discretionary expenses). Highlights - $1.5M in 2023 revenue - $335k in 2023 EBITDA, with founder salary and discretionary expenses added back - Proven Customer Acquisition Channel: As an SEO consultant, the company also gets most of its leads through SEO. This is an evergreen source of leads with no dependency on the founder or on employees. - Semi-Absentee Owner: The founder spends just 20 hours per week running the business. SEO managers work with clients and handle the day to day operations of the business. - Proprietary Software: Project SEO has developed a suite of internal software tools that allow them to A/B test content and make changes on behalf of clients. This dramatically speeds up their process and differentiates them among competitors.

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San Francisco, CA, USA
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