BizAdvisoryBoard is offering FREE access to the Managed Services Provider (MSP) Business Evaluator.

If you are curious about how much an MSP is worth? Are you looking for opportunities to Sell, Buy, or Raise Capital? This is the tool for you.

The MSP Business Evaluator is provided in two ways: a free business valuation and an MSP Accelerator for a small fee.

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The Free MSP Business Evaluator will provide: • Financial multiples and values of an MSP for both a financial and strategic buyer. • EBITDA for the peer group. • Insight on how close you are to advancing to the next peer group and how the multiples and value increase. • A list of trusted and vetted professionals with many years of experience servicing the MSP industry.

The Accelerator version of the MSP Business Evaluator delves deeper into the 8 business disciplines needed to run and grow an MSP business. It provides customized reports to compare how the MSP is performing within its peer group and where the MSP needs to allocate its resources to accelerate its growth to the next peer group.

For additional details SearchFunder promotional code: (SFMAR24) and receive a 10% discount.