Update 5/8: 30 people have reached out! I'll be organizing a few groups for those who've reached out. If you haven't reached out yet but would like to be included, feel free to DM, but I may not be able to accommodate.

Hey there,

I recently started a full-time, self-funded search and am looking to build a small support group. We'd have a group chat and meet regularly (every ~2 weeks). The goal is to have a sounding board to reach with any basic questions and to make the journey a bit more social / less alone.

DM me if interested. Ideally, you're either searching full-time or on the path towards doing so. Would like to mix diverse work experience, backgrounds, goals, etc. This would help mix advice and reduce overlap, so that people feel comfortable sharing their active deals. I personally am searching for a few industries - IT, accounting, software primarily - nationwide.

Hope to hear from you!