Self-funded search has been the "wild west" of the market. We need quality data, collected and evaluated using rigorous research methods, across a broad range representative sample. Self-funded searchers are currently left with no other option but to guess at relative risks compared to the Stanford Search Fund Study (on traditional search funds).

On January 10th, SIG will release the first-ever comprehensive study on self-funded search approaches, structures, and outcomes.

Also on January 10th, ^Searchfunder member‌ and ^Searchfunder member‌ will join the Acquiring Minds podcast.

On January 17th, we will join ^Searchfunder member‌ for a debrief of the study here: Debrief: Self-Funded Search Study

Actual Acquisition Metrics:

– Revenue and EBITDA of acquisition

– Acquisition multiples

– Industry of acquisition

– Source of acquisition (proprietary or intermediated)

Debt & Equity Financing Terms:

– Total leverage on acquisition

– Seller note terms

– Sources of equity and amounts raised

– Investor equity structure

– Preferred equity terms

– Common Equity percentages retained by Searcher

Searcher & Investor Returns:

– Post-close financial performance

– Searcher total net equity proceeds (if exited/sold today)