I'm a self-funded searcher and looking for advice how to identify investors for a relatively large target. This is a proprietary deal I have been working on for over a year and the seller finally decided to sell to me.

The company is in the maintenance services space with 80%+ recurring revenue (mostly contractual) and a long history of profitable growth. We agreed on a 5x EBITDA purchase price and I have visibility to debt financing in the 2.5-3x EBITDA range. I need 6-7M in equity to close.

I have identified a CEO for the business who is currently working in sales at a direct competitor and knows how to grow the company. I plan to join the company as CFO.

I'm looking for advice how to identify investors for self-funded searcher deals, particularly investors who are OK giving me control and getting typical economics for self-funded deals (e.g. 8-10% preferred return plus 20-50% of the upside).

Appreciate any advice from the forum.