We’re a small, family office that likes Searcher Deals. Our sponsors have executed over 125 Lower-Middle Market transactions in their prestigious careers which have spanned over 35 years. We’re now dedicated to deploying their personal net worth into promising businesses that have the potential of becoming platform investments for our firm.

We specialize in investing in Industrial Businesses boasting $2-$3M in annual EBITDA, but consider opportunities as small as $1M and as large as $5M depending on circumstances. Our sector focus includes Niche Manufacturing, Specialty Distribution, and Value-Added Services.

A short list of deals we’ve looked at closely in the past 6 months is listed below. We presently have two active investments in our portfolio, but are looking to expand our operating footprint in the coming year.

If you have a readied deal and realistic expectations on your equity comp (we don’t do minority positions), we want to hear from you. Contact me at --@----.com and Happy Hunting!
Sean - A Recovering Searcher

PS: Companies we competed for in the back half of last year:

-Data Center Services and Cleaning Company doing $2M in EBITDA -Erosion Control Construction Contractor doing north of $2M in EBITDA -Residential Cable Products Distributor doing $2.5M in EBITDA -Moving Products & Supplies Distributor doing $2M in EBITDA -Flooring Underlayment Manufacturer doing $2.5M in EBITDA -Civil Engineering Firm specializing in Public Works Projects doing $3M in EBITDA