I just posted a podcast that you may find interesting. I recently interviewed Andrew Gazdecki who is the founder and CEO of which is billed as the world’s #1 acquisition marketplace for Startups. Andrew is a successful founder with 3 exits under his belt.

Andrew and I talk about his entrepreneurial journey and spend a lot of time discussing what I call “digital ETA.” Deals that specialize in the acquisition of eCommerce and SaaS businesses which include more digital than physical assets. The time to close can be much faster with such deals, and Andrew has built a platform to help search entrepreneurs get deals done in a more streamlined way.

If you are looking for more deal flow, particularly for eCommerce businesses, then you may find this podcast helpful. Andrew and his team do a great job vetting deals and providing an interface that makes due diligence a lot easier.

You can listen at the link below are on Apple or Spotify.

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