Hey Searchfunders,
Tomorrow, Sept 21 at 11 PT / 2 ET I'll be doing a Searchfunder webinar on EOS implementation. For those that don't know, EOS (and it's accompanying book "Traction") are very popular "operating systems" for small business.

I'll be going over my experience implementing EOS myself in my education business, which later sold to private equity.

This session is perfect for anyone running a business looking to implement better ops systems; additionally, this is the presentation I wish I would have had before becoming a founder/CEO, so will be great for those currently searching and preparing for the CEO role.

Specifically, we'll cover:
-- What EOS is and how it's the same/different from other goal-setting systems like OKR
-- Lessons learned on implementation
-- Self-implementation vs. hiring a consultant
-- How EOS unlocked the growth in my business while also letting me have a same work schedule -- why I'm a shameless EOS / systems person now

Register here: https://www.searchfunder.com/event/view/645
Warning, the session will not be as much fun as this drift car image would imply ;)