Does anyone have any examples of employment agreements post-close with a seller that they can share? Or can anyone provide guidance on how those are typically structured (the key points, not all the legal terms)?

Also, in one deal that I am looking at, they have one customer worth 30% of revenue that is coming up for renewal within a few months of potential closing. The seller is hesitant to do a forgivable seller's note since that is tied to revenue and other things besides the renewal could impact that revenue number. Is it permissible under the SBA to have an employment agreement with the seller that is only one year long but includes a rather hefty 'bonus' upon the successful completion of the renewal with this customer?

Here is what I'm in general thinking for the employment agreement post-close. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
- 3 months, full-time and paid fixed salary as a full-time employee
- Occasional access for up to one year, mostly just for advising and general questions (would this be paid hourly?)
- Bonus upon successful completion of key customer renewal
- Strong Sales Commission for any new business generated for certain lines of the business

My hope is that this structure can best align incentives and risks, but again, any feedback would be appreciated.