There are numerous industries such as home healthcare, technology, entertainment, delivery, household products, etc. that offer services that may be provided in or for the consumer's home. With COVID-19, lockdowns, and other factors, what is the likelihood of a "Home" industry that either connects more closely most industries previously mentioned, or even surpasses them as a standalone industry, to emerge in a post COVID-19 world?

Perhaps there may be a greater emphasis on individual industry companies tailoring their products and services for greater convenience in a "home setting" which we are already seeing take place since COVID-19 (i.e. streaming services over movie theaters; increased food delivery rather than indoor restaurant dining).

However, how far will the "home" emphasis go in terms of the future? Will healthcare services become increasingly remote with more "visits," checkups, and therapy sessions happening over Zoom? Will the majority of restaurants and movie theaters adapt (or perish) to digital streaming). Will remote WFH remain to dominate the work force in many occupations, altering the way work is done and how people interact with each other?

It's interesting to think about what industries will survive, adapt, merge, or cease to exist, considering the rapid technological advancements being made and uncertainty of the outcome of a post-COVID world...