Looking for a buyer.
The owner of this electrical infrastructure construction operation is looking to find a strategic growth partner and will stay on with the business to continue his active oversight role. The company has a primary client base of municipalities and the primary general contractors who serve them. This business is able to offer them a diverse range of services including designing, drilling, installing, repairing, and maintaining above ground and underground public transportation systems. They work on rail, streetcar, commuter rail, traffic light, cabling, lighting, and communications systems. Operating out of 3 strategically placed locations and office, 2 in Washington and 1 in Oregon, which has pushed their WIP to $28M! This business has an extremely capable team of 53 employees. Many of which they hired due to their positive relationship with their union (in this region, the union is the ONLY way to work on public opportunities). Their team includes 7 Administrative Employees, 5 Project Managers, 11 Electrical Foreman, 17 Electricians & Apprentices, 1 Senior Director of Project Managers, equipment operators, railroad maintenance staff, warehouse drivers, plus a CFO, VP, and Superintendent. Established in 2012, this business has a new opportunity for focused growth with the recently passed US Infrastructure Bill. There have been multiple infrastructure packages discussed, planned, and/or approved in the area related to public transportation which should be coming to fruition in the near future, creating ongoing opportunities for this business. The purchase of this business comes with $5.9M in assets including vehicles and equipment, along with working capital of $3M+! Priced at $14,900,000, the seller is willing to carry 10% and do an equity roll for another 10% to show good faith in the ongoing success of the company. The current owner is looking for a buyer to handle this continual growth as well as to ensure the business is maximizing on its multitude of opportunities.

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exclusive representation
Washington, USA
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