We’re excited to announce that we have procured financing in support of a search fund’s majority recapitalization of PE Books and Media, LLC, a leading damaged textbook reseller, out-of-print book re-publisher, and audiobook publisher.

Founded in 2002, PEBM has developed a strong reputation in the book industry working alongside nationally recognized publishing houses to help them create a secondary market for their damaged books.

The damaged book business helps keep hundreds of thousands of books annually in circulation, as they would otherwise be destined for landfills.

In addition, the Company has built a robust catalog of low-profile out-of-print books and audiobooks. eCommerce Lending, Inc. 's Capital Access division works with acquisition entrepreneurs, search funds, and independent sponsors to procure financing for acquisitions, buyouts, and recapitalizations.

We secure debt for companies with $2 - $20 million of EBITDA, with loan facilities of $6- $50 million.

The Capital Access Program is part of the eCommerce Lending platform, which was founded in 2018, and is managed by seasoned lending professionals that have closed over $1 billion in transactions.

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