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The Sand and Gravel Mining industry mines and undertakes basic processing of sand and gravel used for construction aggregates and industrial applications, such as road building, landscaping, snow and ice control and hydrocarbon extraction. We are representing a gravel and aggregate Company which in many ways serves as the go-to supplier (directly and indirectly) to many of the infrastructure and commercial clients in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota. Some bullet points on the Company: -One the more sizable gravel pit companies and operators in the region offering services primarily in North east Montana and North west North Dakota -One of the few qualified gravel pits qualified to produce State spec materials -Strong growth opportunities with incomes for public projects to far exceed this listed sale price -As the go-to Company for gravel all gravel in their region; regional gravel is either directly or indirectly sold through the Company -Additional opportunities for growth and exporting materials for out of State projects and wholesaling -Ability for a new Owner to capture a significant market share of an industry which is a necessity in the State -360 acre gravel pit and 15MM tones of gravel -All necessary licenses and permits for operations among Commercial and State clients Additionally, with an increasing Federal investment in the State of Montana (https://www.transportation.gov/sites/dot.gov/files/###-###-#### /BIL_Montana.pdf), and with an increased necessity for oil drilling and possible allowances for revenues on that forefront, the opportunity to gain access to this opportunity is forecasted to generate a very strong return within infrastructure and a strong potential return within drilling endeavors for years to come. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information: Facilities: Yes, ample physical space and all necessary equipment for properly facilitating expansion and growth. Competition: Yes – little as this Company is one of the leading Companies in the space with available gravel and gravel products. Growth & Expansion: Seller has been introduced to another opportunity that is taking more time than expected to build, while the growth opportunities are strong and there are an abundance of growth opportunities with this Business, it is just needing a directed effort from a new Owner - the Seller simply does not have the necessary bandwidth to operate creating an opportunity for a new Owner. Financing: Depending on offer and structure may be acceptable. Support & Training: As needed. Reason for Selling: Personal Reasons - Retirement

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Culbertson, MT, USA
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