Hey Everyone. New member here. I am very early in my journey and am excited to learn from you all and maybe even acquire my first company! I am open and eager to check out any great resources you have.

I currently lead business development in the Mid-Atlantic region for HubSpot. I love advising buyers and helping them build out their go-to market engines. I'm specifically skilled in building a scalable and repeatable sales process at an org level as well as at the rep level.

I am also deeply involved in certain product roadmaps at HubSpot as well as building new sales enable strategies to push our Mid-Market and Enterprise Verticals forward.

For HubSpot customers specifically, I help build sales playbooks to be implemented with HubSpot.

I love what I do currently and have a lot of opportunities within HubSpot but my goal is to take my skills and knowledge and buy then build my own company.

I look at the health of a company through 5 major lenses:

Product/Service - is it great - do customers love it

Market - Is it growing or dying - is their opportunity

Financials - I am very limited in my knowledge of what good financials look like at a deep level

Operational Metrics - LTV, CAC, Churn, etc

People & Processes - does this business run on autopilot? Are there good processes in place and good people or is everything dependant on the founder/owner

Things I am looking to learn:

Better understand and increase my skill at analyzing the 5 subjects above.

How do I learn as much as I can before I do?

How do I get started? No idea where to begin.

Where do you look for companies to buy?

How do you value a company and make an offer?

Thank you

My LinkedIn if you want to connect there >> https://www.linkedin.com/in/carl-ferreira/