E: 25 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - ^Searchfunder member‌ from PE firm to 3 Acquisitions to Due Diligence

00:00 Intro to Elliott 02:28 What Open Air Negotiations are 04:00 How big were the Private Equity Deals he worked on 04:53 When he started making his own acquisitions - tow truck, auto parts & clinical trials 06:05 How long he kept the 3 acquisitions - did he like owning them 07:10 Due Diligence for Buyers - Digging into Financial / Commercial / Operational 12:51 How he works with Walker Deibel, Roland Frasier, Searchfunder 14:10 When buying a business, Don't trust anyone, including yourself 18:17 The role he plays between buyer and seller 23:33 The 1st Question of Due Diligence - How he checks for fraud 26:00 Are you the Smart Guy or Dumb Guy on this Million Dollar Bet? 27:54 Underestimating the unsophisticated seller 31:00 COVID Numbers - Stress Test, Valuation 35:21 Understanding a 50% drop in the working capital - what it means 36:51 Why the seller has highest reason to lie 38:31 Who has a hidden incentive to blow up your deal 43:53 When he learned what he knows about M&A - when you say "oops" 47:30 Sending an LOI getting serious.