What do you learn about the M&A game after buying and selling 29 businesses in the 90s and writing three books about the experience?

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00:00 Intro to Ted, Author of a 3 Business Buying Books, acquired 29 Businesses in 1990s 00:30 You acquired a number of businesses in the 90s, but have not in a while, Do you still own any, sell them, and Why did you move to assisting searchers & Buyers? 03:10 For searchers and Buyers, What would you say is the most important "area" or part of the acquisition game? 06:03 What types of searchers and buyers, clients do you look for - what are the characteristics? 08:09 What if they fall short in one of your areas? 09:34 How important is raising capital to a searcher / buyer? 11:41 Do you work with money sources? 13:09 What is your "overall" strategy for acquisitions - for your clients?
14:10 Do you have a step by step process? 14:53 How do you keep a searcher / buyer on track for this step by step process? 16:35 Do work with searcher / buyers on acquiring controlling non controlling interest? 17:45 Do you get involved in any of the negotiations between buyer and seller? 19:10 The importance of relationships - likability 20:46 How many clients do you work with at anyone time, total? 24:00 How do you make money on the process? 28:10 How has M&A game changed your life?