After taking a couple meetings with PE (commented on in the "Is it a Buyers Market Yet" thread - and while I was listening to a recent "In The Trenches" podcast (From $7M to $50M in 14 acquisitions), it occurred to me that I've been sort of running this playbook in slow motion - although my acquisitions have been at a slower pace and smaller scale over the years.

What I realized was what I should be doing is a more concerted effort at a roll-up consolidation, because I already have the platform company, my own.

Ok. Great. Now what do I do?

I'm only half kidding, we've had some meetings with BDC here in Canada who is willing to finance us through larger acquisitions but I'm wondering if I should be exploring private alternatives and what deal structures would look like.

TL,DR on my business is: domain registrations, DNS, web hosting, email, VPS and SaaS bolt-ons, in business since###-###-#### 5M ARR, currently growing a little under 10% / year. Based in Canada, close to half our biz comes from the US.

That podcast was: