Hi, I have a property development that I can do on a site that I would like to purchase for a wedding venue.
The subdivision & development needs to happen to justify the purchase price of the venue.
I have already agreed vendor terms for part of the purchase but have not gotten amounts as looking to see what finance is available.

The venue is a period property in a prime location and has only done###-###-#### weddings a year as it was a family home. Property is in Victoria Australia

As we are coming out of COVID and there is a lot of couples waiting to get married we have forecasted a boom over the next few years that we would like to cash in on.
Unfortunately it is not being sold as a going concern and even if it was the financials do not stack up for funding as they did so few weddings and events.
I have sourced a chief (the hardest role to get in this region) and a woman with over 25 years in events and weddings.

Figures Top level:

$8mil for the property
$2mil for the subdivision & launch business

Expect return from sale of subdivision $6-8mil (Just waiting on exactly how many 'keys' we can get from council)
Leaving the main property in which the business is ran valued at around $6.5-7.5mil

Cash Flow
y1 $10mil in
Y3 $6-8mil out
Y5 remainder plus interest out via business loan as will have enough financials to refinance

I look forward to hearing peoples advise on where to source the funds.