Hi there! I'm a self-funded searcher and recently came across an industrial HVAC company that specializes in a niche end-market. Half of this company's revenue comes from the manufacture and installation of their own line of specialized high-capacity equipment, and the other half comes from maintenance and service. They service their own equipment as well as other brands, and they have a strong reputation as an HVAC solutions provider within this end-market. Margins on both manufacturing and install/service are strong and growth has been good. Another (small) part of their business is residential service - which they take on as their schedules allow - though it hasn't been a focus.

There's a lot of conversation around in the Search community around residential and commercial HVAC, though I'm finding less on industrial. Would love to chat with anyone who has experience in industrial. I know there are risks, but I also see unique opportunities within this niche that could lead to unusual upside!