TLDR: I got fed up with Grata and asked my CTO to build me something better. / cheaper.

Was meant to be an internal tool, but curious if it's of interest to others looking for off-market deals / new clients.

Over the past couple of months I've been helping a few PE firms find add-ons for their portcos and I got frustrated with Grata and Sourcescrub. The companies I was shown were just not that relevant - especially when you're looking for something more niche / at the intersection of a few different verticals. I was at my wits with NAICS codes and crude keywords.

I asked my CTO to build me something better, and so he did. Unlike Grata etc, his system does not bucket companies into arbitrary groups - instead, it leverages LLMs to wholistically evaluate each company and only surface the most relevant ones based on:

1) products/services offered

2) end markets served and

3) geographic coverage (where they operate, not where HQ is)

4) minimum / maximum revenue & employee count

He leveraged a lot of his old work on ranking and recommendation engines from his days at Meta / Google to make this possible.

Anyway, I've been using this tool for about a week now and I think it works surprisingly well... Curious if any buyers or brokers would find this tool useful too?

DM me if this is something you'd like to use / try - thought might be helpful to folks looking for off-market deals / new sell-side clients - esp if Grata is too expensive for you.