I'm aiming to invest 5-10 more $100-200k checks in###-###-#### I can just send the check and champagne, or help you rock this.

Starting when under LOI, I offer the helpful & thoughtful support of an owner-operator that’s a few shades savvier after growing 2 acquired companies then buying and growing my own company 5x. I also offer the benefits of a deep network, including an active group of experts and like-minded fellow investors in both self-funded searchers and independent sponsors.
Many investors don’t have the time or inclination to help beyond asking for updated financials, long-winded analyses and fast exits. But the diligence, acquisition, consolidation, growth, lots more growth, and exit phases are all full of snakepits and opportunities where having the right investors pays huge dividends.

Want to go fast? Go solo. Want to go far? Get the right investors.

Contact me at --@----.com when you’re under LOI and raring to go. Or if you're an investor wanting to share deal flow. 

For those of you at or near this point - 

- Please get in touch for signed LOI deals only - I've other responsibilities and sadly can't offer time before that. Bookmark me and get in touch later!

- Pre-NDA teasers preferred, including core deal and equity terms.

- My 'investment thesis' is broad and unsurprising - a promising market, a quality deal, strongly recurring/repeating revenues, viable growth and acquisition plans, leaders with talent and experience. 

- If you've not got a signed LOI yet, hang in there - this is worth it! If you are under LOI, watch out! You're now hunting for alternative deals and landmines. Find them before you step stridently into a minefield. Either way, happy hunting!