Hey Y'all,

Current Booth student with a background in Electrical Engineering and CS. I've worked in Industrial Data Analytics (Specifically IoT ) my whole career and am thinking through the Search Fund Model.

In my work experience I've helped transform manufacturing SMB from widget makers into service companies through IoT technology. For example, a conveyor belt company historically sells conveyor belt cleaners. These cleaners wear out over time and can damage the conveyor belt. Customers forget to replace these cleaners. If you embed an edge device with compute+comms+vibration sensor you can know the current “health” and status of the cleaner and automatically order new cleaners for the customer on a JIT basis. Thus you switch from selling cleaners on a per price model to “Uptime as a service”.

Has anyone done a a classic search fund deal for a high EBITA/recurring rev/growing industry company with plans to do operational/business model transformation to really accelerate growth?