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This highly successful personal concierge and lifestyle management company has focused on making other people’s lives easier. As its client base grew, so did its range of services. So did its profitability. Initially, services included absentee home check services for part-time homeowners, along with housekeeping, window cleaning, and minor maintenance services. It was and will continue to be an excellent fit for the greater Palm Springs area. The growing Coachella Valley is ripe with potential clients and its nearly 100,000 snowbirds a year! Although absentee home checks are still the most requested service in their “Lifestyle Management Services” menu, the Company now offers a full spectrum of personal and home services. Operations are designed to provide customers with a single point of contact for all maintenance needs, as well as personal tasks, errands, and household upkeep. Clients can pay via an annual or monthly membership plan. Clients pay either a monthly retainer or purchase a block of time which is automatically renewed when de92262leted. Revenue also includes a membership fee from local vendors who pay for the first-right privileges when clients need more extensive work done. NDA is required to secure the comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Facilities: Company headquarters are in a commercial office center. The rent is $720 per month for the 240-square-foot space. $660 is for the lease and $60 for two parking spaces. Competition: There are a variety of companies offering similar service services at different price points. Offering a broad scope of services is one of the reasons for ongoing success. The only competitors are one-off people (i.e. uninsured and not actual companies) who offer absentee home care like independent housekeepers or pool guys. Having a contractor license, which will be required of a Buyer, also makes the stand out from the rest with its built-in credibility. Growth & Expansion: Industry research shows huge growth in the concierge industry and the outlook is positive. To make a difference right away, the Seller recommends that a Buyer join organizations real estate CDAR, the HOA groups, builders’ groups, etc., and participate. Volunteering to speak at groups like the Rotary Club, and charity events is another way of getting involved in the community and meeting people. Financing: TBD if the structure and terms are acceptable. Support & Training: The Seller will work with a Buyer to ensure a smooth transition post-closing. Reason for Selling: The Seller is looking to move. Running the business remotely is not practical.

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